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Since AniPlaylist's creation in 2018, our primary mission has always been to assist anime fans in discovering their favorite anime songs on music streaming platforms as well as giving visibility to each song and album's availability on those platforms.

AniPlaylist is entirely operated by a team of dedicated volunteers who share a passion for anime and music. However, running this project incurs various costs, and your contribution is invaluable in keeping AniPlaylist running smoothly.

By supporting us, you enable us to continue serving the anime music community for as long as possible!


Supporting us on Patreon gives you access to exclusive perks depending on the support tier you want!

  • AniPlaylist Supporter: You just want to show your support to AniPlaylist by giving a small amount, thank you!
  • El Psy Kongroo tier: Access to Patron-only channels on Discord, including early access to new releases and news on future and work in progress features for the project
  • Unlimited Playlist Work tier: generate unlimited playlists on MyAniPlaylist based on your AniList or MyAnimeList profile

You can choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions, there's a 16% discount for yearly subscribers.

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Apple Music affiliation

AniPlaylist is an Apple Music affiliation partner. Subscribing to Apple Music through any of the song & album links we share (on social media or on will help us financially!


AniPlaylist is an affiliate partner of BlackScreenRecords, an independent record label, distributor, online shop and record store based in Cologne. Feel free to check out the CDs & vinyls we curated in the AniPlaylist Collection.


AniPlaylist is a ZenMarket partner! ZenMarket is a proxy buying service who helps you buy products from Japan.
You can use our referral link to get 750 ZenPoints which can be used on your order's shipping fees!


AniPlaylist is also a HumbleBundle partner, if you want to grab a bundle of any kind (video games, manga, books...) while supporting charity and helping AniPlaylist, click on our partner link below.


AniPlaylist's servers are powered by DigitalOcean, you can use our referral link to get $200 credits when creating an account. By doing so, you contribute directly to helping us pay for our servers.

Where will the money go?

The money we get is primarily used to pay the services we need to run the project. Here's a breakdown of the expenses we encounter to maintain it:

  • DigitalOcean: We require good servers to host our website and media files, ensuring a seamless user experience when browsing on
  • Algolia: To provide lightning-fast search functionality in our database of almost 20,000 songs/albums and 100,000 individual music links.
  • Buffer: Our philosophy has always been to share all the anime releases happening on music platforms, whether they are from the most mainstream anime to the oldie that only a few people know. To make sure we never forget a release, we schedule all our tweets with Buffer.
  • Music streaming platform subscriptions: When covering a music streaming platform's releases, we need to have a subscription to it to provide the best coverage for anime music releases. We currently support Apple Music and Spotify, but in the future, we will extend to more platforms which will raise the number of subscriptions needed.
  • Apple Developer program: This is a requirement to use the Apple Music web services we need to provide all the Apple Music links.

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